Vostok.Configuration in a nutshell

Vostok.Configuration is a set of libraries offering configuration tools to .NET applications. It handles fetching configuration data from files or APIs, parsing and converting it to user-defined model classes.

Guiding design principles

  • Configuration data sources should be composable regardless of storage formats.
    • It should be easy to combine settings from JSON files, environment variables and custom APIs. This is achieved with configuration source concept and universal settings nodes abstraction.
  • "Hot" configuration updates should be easy to leverage.
    • Hot configuration implies handling changes in settings without application restart. This is enabled by explicitly reactive source design and settings provider methods.
  • Rich object models should be supported for user convenience.
  • It should be possible to extend the library with arbitrary data sources and object models.



See obtain / observe settings scenarios, caching and error handling sections for details.

Good starting points

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