Output templates

Output templates are patterns used to render log events into text representation, shaping the output of text-based logs.
Their general syntax is identical to that of message templates, but output templates also support a set of special predefined properties that do not have to be present in log events.
Ordinary properties from log events can also be included in output templates.
Output templates can also contain uninterpreted text.

Default template

Default output template OutputTemplate.Default looks like this:
{Timestamp} {Level} {traceContext:w}{operationContext:w}{sourceContext:w}{Message}{NewLine}{Exception}
See the list of special properties to understand the bulk of this template's content.
See the sections about source context and operation context to learn more about corresponding well-known properties mentioned in this template.
See format specifiers section to find out how the :w modifier works.

Custom templates:

See the guide dedicated to custom templates usage: