Serilog integration

Location: serilog module.


var serilogAdapter = new SerilogLog(serilogLogger);
SerilogLog is an adapter that wraps an arbitrary instance of Serilog's ILogger and implements Vostok log interface. It enables gradual migration for Serilog users by allowing existing code to be ported to Vostok ILog abstraction without immediately changing and reconfiguring underlying implementation.
It preserves message templates in their original form as Serilog's templating syntax is a superset of Vostok message templates capabilites. Properties are also passed as-is, bound by provided Serilog logger instance.
ForContext method works exactly like it does in native implementations: it causes returned log instances to enrich incoming log events with SourceContext property containing a hierarchical context value. See source context section for more details.


VostokSink is an implementation of Serilog's ILogEventSink interface based on an arbitrary Vostok ILog instance.
var vostokSink = new VostokSink(vostokLog);
var serilogLogger = new LoggerConfiguration()
.WriteTo.Sink(vostokSink, LogEventLevel.Verbose)