Log4net integration

Location: log4net module.
var log4netAdapter = new Log4netLog(log4netLogger);
Log4netLog is an adapter that wraps an arbitrary instance of Log4net's ILogger and implements Vostok log interface. It enables gradual migration for Log4net users by allowing existing code to be ported to Vostok ILog abstraction without immediately changing and reconfiguring underlying implementation.
Log4netLog prerenders messages into text as Log4net library does not support all the syntax capabilities of Vostok message templates. Properties are passed as-is.
ForContext method implementation differs from common conventions described in source context section. It translates source context values into logger names by using a configurable LoggerNameFactory delegate. Having determined the new logger name, it returns a copy of the log with underyling ILogger obtained from current ILogger's repository by this name.
Default behaviour of LoggerNameFactory is to merge context values using dot as separator:
["foo", "bar", "baz"] context --> "" logger name
Here's how to configure it to use only the last value from source context:
log.LoggerNameFactory = context => context.Last();