Special properties

Here's the list of all special properties supported by output templates:

  • Timestamp — emits log event timestamp. Supports format specifiers.

    • Example output: 2019-03-11 19:21:52,755

  • Level — emits log event level. Supports a number of special format specifiers.

    • Example output: INFO

  • Message — emits rendered log event message (template with substituted placeholders).

    • Example output: Hello, world!

  • Exception — prints event's exception along with its stack trace and inner exceptions.

  • NewLine — emits a platform-dependent newline.

  • Uptime — emits the number of milliseconds elapsed since application start. Supports format specifiers.

  • Properties — emits all properties not mentioned elsewhere in the output template as a JSON object.

    • Example output: { "prop1": "value1", "prop2" : "value2" }