Vostok.Logging in a nutshell

Vostok.Logging is a set of libraries providing structured logging for .NET applications, much like Serilog, but tightly integrated into Vostok ecosystem.

Guiding design principles

    Logging system should not be able to significantly impact application health or performance.
      Guarantees section covers this topic in greater detail.
    Configuration is done in code.
      Configuring and composing loggers in code is preferable to clumsy XML files. See Configuration section for an in-depth discussion.
    Extensibility is valued.
      The libraries are designed in a way that encourages creating custom implementations of logs and decorators.
    Performance is of essence.
      Implementations go to great lengths to provide a throughput level sufficient for applications handling tens or even hundreds of thousands of requests per second.


    Structured logging
      Log events contain key-value properties which are later used for querying the log data or rendering it to text.
    Reliable built-in log implementations
    Easy configuration
      Most log implementations require just one line of code to set up (see Quickstart).
    Customizable formatting
    Filtering of log events
      There's built-in support for filtering by level, properties or arbitrary contents of log events.
    Enrichment of log events with custom properties
      Log events can be dynamically enriched with new properties either specified by user or provided from ambient context.
    Support for contextual information tied to log events
    Integrations with other popular logging libraries

Good starting points

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